Buying On A Garage Sale

Published on March 17 2016

Buying On A Garage Sale

Reality check, there are things that you can’t buy in this world. So again we will only focus to the things that we can actually afford to buy. There are so many expensive items in the mall that you can actually buy in a garage sale for a lower cost. The thing is, the items that you buy can be brand new or used. Searching for a yard sale is actually tiring even these days. Most of the people use the internet and there are only few who post their’s on craigslist. Because, there are lot of sellers who actually didn’t know what they are selling.

Top reasons why they are selling these items are: the item has no used for them, they are cleaning their house, they are planning to transfer to another town and they actually had no idea why they had an item like that. As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Buying items in a garage sale is kind of tricky and expect that almost all of the items are broken. There may be some slight scratches or the damage might not be visible that is why you must be extra careful when buying things.

Be vigilant when buying items especially for safety gears such as helmets, pads, car tires, etc. Make sure that used shoes were sanitized and blankets or bed sheets are soaked in hot water and cleaned thoroughly before using it. Also be careful when buying underwear, even if it’s still inside the box or looks brand new, please don’t buy something that you will wear immediately. Sanitation is our main priority and you wouldn’t want to get any kind of skin infection because of these.

Look for old magazines, books (especially children's books), antiques, toys and collectible items because these might cost a fortune. Remember the seller wants these items to be sold, so ask for more discount if you bought about 5 items. If they sell jewelries you should know if it is worthy to buy or you might buy a jewelry that is made of cheap metal. Going to a sale on its last day will give you a huge discount, but there will be limited items left.

If you are too lazy to go out and look for garage sales, you can actually search on the net for discounted items or free voucher codes that you can use online or when you go shopping. This might help your laziness and you can actually save big time when you shop online. Just make sure that the things you are going to buy no matter where you bought it, will be useful to you and you are going to use it for the next decade.

Last thing is when you go on a garage sale always bring smaller bills. It’s kind of awkward that you are bringing hundred dollar bills after asking for a discount for a ten dollar item. Happy hunting and hope this article will help you in buying items on a garage sale.

Written by Tonya J. Gray

Published on #money saving tips

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