Saving Your Budget For Groceries

Published on March 14 2016

Be diligent in looking for bargains when going to the grocery. Nowadays almost all of our basic needs are way too expensive. There are many ways to save your money when going to the grocery, all you need to do is follow these tips and you’re good to go.

In every grocery store there is always a Store sale cycle. This store follows a three or six-week sales cycle. They will sell an item at its lowest on the next three weeks or so, then they will add another discount on that same item after three weeks until all that item will be bought by consumers. When they sell the item at its lowest price then buy just enough until the next sale. This way you won’t buy this item for the full price again. This experiment might be time consuming but this is effective as it is. You might think that following this tip will only give you small savings, but in the long run you can save a significant amount of money.

Planning your weekly meals and learn how to cook will save you time and money. Usually we go to the grocery once a week because we only buy our food that is only good for one week. Why not try to stack food in your freezer, everytime we go to the grocery there are foods that is on sale. Look for the food that is still fresh and items that has long shelf life. Always reserved a spot for this goods in the freezer. You can actually cut your grocery bill in half by stocking and planning your meals ahead.

If you are using voucher codes always visit the website where you get it. That might be the official website of the grocery store or a website that gives free voucher code. You can try My Favourite Voucher Codes website for a collection of different coupons online. There might be new promos or sale on the grocery that you didn’t know and sometimes you will hit a jackpot that gives you a double to triple discount using the voucher code.

Ask for a loyalty card or program. There are grocery stores that gives a loyalty card in exchange for an amount of monthly expenses you made on their store. This card might give you rebates, discounts, points and exclusive promos. It actually depends on what the grocery store it has, it might provide you additional savings on the future purchases. Other grocery stores has a promotion that every first Wednesday of the month they will double your points when you buy at their store.

Find alternatives or think of a way on what is the difference of branded and generic items. Thing is generics are on their tasties when the item is on its season, better know what fruits and vegetables are on the season when you shop. For the canned or bottled items look for its nutritional value and compare it to the branded one. There might be a slight difference but that won’t hurt you.

This might be hard but in the long run you are the only one who will savor the victory of saving money on groceries. Challenge yourself! How much money do you spend per month on groceries alone? This are just simple ideas that is easy to follow. Discipline yourself until your system develop and recognise the way you save your money.

Written by Tonya J. Gray

Published on #money saving tips

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